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About Us

Carol Davis, aka The Fairy Goddess Mother, was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease Vulvar Lichen Sclerosus (VLS) in March 2022. Although the symptoms were apparent, Carol had never heard of the disease. None of the people she confided in had ever heard of VLS either.

With the help of her doctors in Nevada, Carol began a series of treatments and spreading awareness of VLS. A year later, thanks to her Goddess Daughter’s outreach and the undeniable power of social media, Carol is prepared to inform others about the disease. From across the nation and around the world, financial donations and messages of love and support have led to the creation of The Fairy Goddess Mother Project.

100% of proceeds go toward FGMP’s ambitious mission.

because every woman deserves to live a pain-free, empowering, and satisfying life.

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